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When should our child have an eye test?

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When should our children have an Eye Test?

Any child who begins school years with blurred vision will not be able to cope as well with his peers when they are unable to see what is written on the board clearly. Hence for most children, do let them go for an Eye Test at an optical shop as school begins.  At age 6+ years, very cooperative children will be able to follow instructions to read the testing letters (e.g. Snellen Chart or projected charts). 


If a child is younger and you observe a recent behavior of tilting their head, squeezing their eyelids narrow to see something far away, lack of interest in near work or standing too close to the TV to watch it, you should bring them to an Eye Specialist Clinic to get their eyes checked.  This will include several procedures that may not be familiar to the child, including instillation of eye drops to both eyes for several times before the doctor can proceed to complete all the examination. The front and back portions of the eyes will have to be checked with special equipment. 


Do not delay Eye Testing for your children so that refractive errors like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism can be detected early for correction with appropriate spectacles.


1) Prof Dr. Choo May May
Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist
University of Malaya Medical Centre

Myopia control and treatment

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