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Myopia control and treatment

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Myopia control and treatment

Myopia is treated with minus lenses to bring the point of focus onto the retina and thus creates a clear image. In children, this is achieved by wearing spectacles with full refractive correction. 

The myopia power gradually increases as the eyeball lengthens during the child’s growth. Control of progression is important in myopic children to prevent the development of high or pathological myopia when they reach their late teens. This is to reduce the risk of potentially blinding myopic complications which can occur during their productive years.

Myopia usually stabilizes in early adulthood. In adults, there are options for myopia correction with contact lenses, refractive laser surgery such as LASIK or ReLex SMILE, implantable contact lens or refractive lens exchange. However, the surgical options should be discussed with an eye specialist to assess for suitability and to further understand the procedures involved.


1) Dr Malisa Ami 
Paediatric Ophthalmologist
Sunway Specialist Centre Damansara

Myopia control and treatment

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