Help the children in need

MAMP Introduction


Malaysia Advocacy for Myopia Prevention (MAMP) is an initiative by members of the Malaysian Society of Ophthalmologists (MSO) with the Ministry of Health, Universities and Private Hospitals to educate and bring about a public awareness of Myopia or Short Sightedness among children in Malaysia.

The incidence and prevalence of Myopia around the world including Malaysia has shown a significant rise in the recent decades. The long term impact of myopia related visual health problems to the effected individuals and the society at large cannot be underscored.


MAMP through its website and other initiatives aims to promote ocular health improvement among children. This will help with the long term goal of myopia prevention and reduction in significant myopia progression in children who are already myopic.

Indeed a “Short Sighted” problem needs a “Far Sighted” solution.

Our hope is that this website with it’s contents together with initiatives of this working group will go a long way in myopia prevention in Malaysia.